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Alcohol Breath Analyzers

TayalTech Alcohol Testers are sleek, compact, portable microprocesser based breath alcohol testers. They are designed and developed for use in the Indian environment.

Tayaltech Alcohol Testers are the most advanced instruments available in the Indian market. They delivers and field testing results and has many features that make it dependable and easy to use.

The instrument has a large multi-color LCD screen and simple to operator keypad. The information on screen makes the operation simple and convenient.

The instrument use changable mouthpieces, that provide for a hygenic environment for the person whose breath is to be analyzed.

The device is currently available in four variants...

TayalTech T1000
TayalTech T1000 is a model especially fine-tuned and customized for Indian Railway applications as per RDSO specification RDSO/SPN/TR/290/BA (Rev.0)-2003.

TayalTech T1100
TayalTech T1100 is the standard model for industrial, medical and police applications.

TayalTech CMS02
TayalTech CMS02 is the latest hi-tech breath-analyzer with high degree of flexibility and software interface for realtime control through computers.

TayalTech TT200
TayalTech TT200 is a small handy personal use model that consumers can conveniently carry with them.

TayalTech T2010
TayalTech T2010 is a small handy personal use model with dedicated wired thermal printer that consumers can conveniently carry with them.

TayalTech T3000
A light-weight, sleek instrument - T3000 - is small and light enough to be carried in your pockets. This devices uses a highly selective semiconductor sensor and can analyse precisely even after long time of uses.

Optional Accessories and Addons

AlcoPnt, the wireless printer
AlcoPnt printers are small handheld, wireless printers with in-built heavy duty rechargable battries with the capacity to print 500 test results per charge. It is small and handy.

TayalTech T1000 and T1100 breath analyzers can be optionally configured to wirelessly print its results on this highly efficient portable printer.

TayalTech Mouthpieces
TayalTech Mouthpieces are hygenic one-way airflow mouthpieces with sputrum filters.

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